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Intermediate – Advanced: Anger Management

Pre-Speaking Reading

Self-Inflicted Anger

 Self-inflicted anger is expressed when someone is punishing oneself for something done that might have ended negatively. Some examples include cutting themselves (suicidal people) and starving themselves (thinking that they are overweight).

Behavioral Anger

 Behavioral anger is the type of anger, which results to people’s aggressive and cruel actions. This results TO hurting other people intentionally with OR without reason or purpose.

Judgmental Anger

 Judgmental anger is the  type of anger that makes people  feel uneasy or may cause lost of confidence. People who express this anger ends up making other people feel worthless and weak.

Volatile Anger

Perhaps the most unexpected type of anger is the volatile one. The English word “volatile” means temporary. Thus, this type of anger leads one person into expressing calm and peace in one minute and end up in a full rage (or extreme anger), the following minute. This happens without actual cause or reason, making it really worrisome.


Anger management (noun phrase, terminology) – the means or way of resolving anger and staying positive and calm.
EXAMPLE: I really need to know anger management. It’s the only way for me to become good at handling my emotions.


Topic: There are four major kinds of anger, as previously discussed. Among these types, which do you think is the most dangerous one? How could we resolve these negative emotions? 

Picture Analysis


angry telephone caller


angry woman

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Advance: Environmental Pollution (Solutions)

Topic: Environmental pollution is one global problem each one of us must resolve. In your opinion, what are the effective means of saving our environment? How will you participate in conserving our resources?

Reading w/ Interaction

Picture Analysis: Compare and Contrast


Easy: Environmental Pollution (Sollutions)

Topic: How can we help save our environment? Give three things we can do.

Reading w/ Interaction

Picture Analysis: Compare and Contrast



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